Speaker Face is an earthy electronic band that melds the sounds of nature and machines. Combining acoustic instruments and wilderness sounds with computers and synths, Speaker Face creates beats and sonic landscapes that immerse the listener in melody, groove and atmosphere. It is the collaboration of JUNO Award winners Trent Freeman (violin, keys, voice) and Eric Wright (synths, computers, voice).


Live, Speaker Face pulls from it's folk origins, and performs every element of the songs, engaging the audience in the creation of the music and the construction of the show. 

Driftwood, Speaker Face's debut album took them touring across Canada and established the band as a fresh new voice in electronic music. Featured on countless underground and independent blogs, it began being classified as "Deep Folk" as it's genre bending sounds made the standard boxes irrelevant. Speaker Face is currently working on a new record, planning to be released in 2018. 

Trent Freeman is also an award winning music video creator, and has worked closely with the music of Speaker Face to develop a visual element to the band that is captivating and cohesive. Moving forward this will continue to be a focal point of the band, and will more and more be incorporated in the live show. 




When Speaker Face performs, the live element crucial. Keys, strings, vocals and beats are all performed, manipulated, looped and effected in real time, creating the songs with the energy of the audience making every live experience unique, honest and exciting.